My first chef competition

About the competition The Recipe, a PDF The Media: Mercury News

BEST of, July 2016 Edition

The short, yet awesome, description of me/my services for the “Best of” award in the San Francisco magazine, July 2016.

“BEST personal chef in Silicon Valley” ~SanFranMag

This announcement from “Modern Luxury” (SanFranMag) arrived in my Inbox just a week before their awards ceremony on Thursday, June 23, 2016.

Recipes, demystifying angled luffa and smooth luffa (loofah)

A food post for Monta Vista Market website.

How to create a recipe

Food, menu, served at 4 day retreat

Here are my 12 bases to cover to create a recipe. With a link to the radio interview with Julie on her show: Art’s Desire.