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100+ 5-star reviews

Ratings, Reviews and Testimonials


100+ 5-star reviews​

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Thank you's from clients at 40 Years of Zen

March 2021-July 2022

I think it's safe to say I had a week of the healthiest, most delicious food of my life. Thank you so much for taking care of us. Your positive energy radiated the room all week. Thank you, thank you, thank you! With love, W

Thank you so much for all of your nourishment this week. You are truly talented and have an amazing gift. I look forward to seeing your Master class and getting a book! Love K

The food was out of this world. The love I have for food you have matched. Thank you, M

Thank you so much for all the amazing food you have prepared this week, it has been delicious and has definitely helped my brain to successfully cope with all the sessions!! Love J

Thank you for being you! You made an extremely exhausting week a whole lot easier. We all looked forward to every meal as not only was it delicious but the group was able to bond at the table. A special thank you for accommodating my food needs! Love N

Thanks so much for taking care of us! The amazing meals, conversation, and culinary lessons! Our brains couldn’t have done it without our happy bellies! D

Thank you for the amazing food all week. We can tell you really cook from the heart. See you soon! B

Thank you for the warmth and joy you bring, not to mention your wonderful cooking! J

Thank you for your joyful presence. So glad to be here with you! S

I am so happy to be back here with you. You are such a bright light and I am honored to know you. I look forward to many more wonderful days with you. B

Your many forms of nourishment are so sustaining and wonderful — as are you. Thank you! S

It’s been such a delight spending time with you, eating your delicious food and chatting all things diet and nutrition with you this week. Thank you so much for making my experience even more special. E

Thank you for inspiring me to change my daily life. Your curiosity and zest for food and life is contagious. A

Thank you for feeding my soul this week. It’s been a blessing getting to be with you. S

It would have been enough if you had planned great meals with great recipes…but you cooked them for us. It would have been enough if you cooked them but you served them. I would have been enough if you served them - but you served them with love, much light and respect. C

You and your talent in the kitchen were a huge highlight to this experience — your love shines through, thank you! J

You are wonderfully gifted! Thank you for brightening every day a little more. J

Thank you so much for making my week so happy. You’re one of the most down to earth passionate people I know. I hope we meet again! D

You are absolutely incredible! And did things to my taste buds I didn’t know were possible. A

You are the best chef! I am grateful for you. P

Thank you for making amazing food to support our progress and all the excitement you give to us and the food to make everything better. J

A sampling of students' experiences

July 2020

"Chef Joni was amazing!! 110% recommend taking her cooking. My boyfriend and I took her paella class and boy was it fun! We had her come to our home to help us celebrate our 4 year anniversary. We started with the cheese platter which tasted amazing and she taught us what goes well together and definitely introduced us to amazing products! Then we moved on the sangria to sip throughout the night. She taught us so many new skills especially with cutting, which was something new for the both of us. Chef Joni was energetic and knowledgeable about cooking and we had such a memorable time with her. After getting the paella pretty much done we decorated and platted our dessert which was a blast, we definitely got to be creative with this part and the dessert was so yummy. Overall we loved every minute of our time with CHef Joni and would definitely take another one of her classes."

June 2020

"My wife and I had a great experience with Chef Joni. We had to move the date a couple of times due to the COVID situation and as things started reopening, we finally were able to meet with Chef Joni for a Thai dinner cooking class and celebrate my wife's belated birthday. Chef Joni provided a COVID-safe environment and followed the physical distancing guidelines. The class was well organized, and the whole atmosphere was very relaxed with quiet background music and kitchen/dining area perfectly designed to put you in the right mood. The food was delicious, chatting with Chef Joni was very interesting, she gave as great tips about cooking aids and ingredients, and she took us for a tour in her wonderful garden where she grows different herbs and vegetables. It felt as a special event and we highly recommend!"

March 2020

We had a wonderful Thai cooking class with Chef Joni for my husband's birthday. She made it a really special occasion. The recipes were delicious, and she gave us a lot of great tips on where to buy ingredients and how to make the dishes at home. Her cooking studio was perfectly set up for the class. Would highly recommend!

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