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PERSONAL CHEF, Cooking instructor
and caterer:

2005-present. as a cooking instructor and caterer I share my skills to help people who want to cook good food at home. My focus is teaching you how to think like a chef without recipes.

My Nutrition journey begins:

In 2005, I attended the esteemed Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts. I completed the Nutrition Educator program in 2006. Then become an employee as the Teacher's Assistant for the same program the following year.

My formal cooking education:

Late 2007, I completed the Natural Chef program at Bauman College and was the Teacher's Assistant for the same program the following semester. Understanding the science of cooking as well as creating recipes were not only fun but highly therapeutic. It offered a trusted sense of control, both physically and emotionally.

my culinary career highlights:

• Cooking instructor, grew business to 4 PT employees, 1500+ students annually; since 2005
• Executive Chef, 40 Years of Zen; 2021-2022
• Chef competition; 2017
• Award “Best Personal Chef in Silicon Valley” - SanFranMag; 2016
• Delegate, Slow Food International, Terra Madra, Italy; 2016
• Personal chef for Jed and Danielle York owners of the 49ers; 2014
• Co-author, designed, produced eCookbook “Bulletproof Diet: The Upgraded Chef" with Dave Asprey; 2012

And seeing my students bright-eyed with their new-found kitchen skills.

A motto, from a yoga instructor

"Replace effort with skill."

"Replace effort with skill." This motto shows up in all aspects of my life, and especially when I am in the kitchen. In the same fashion, I want to share skills in order to for you to reduce effort and increase your comfort in the kitchen. With this in mind, we will go beyond using recipes and instead create our own as we are cooking.

My time away from the kitchen:

I have a passion for playing the piano and following the advancements in astronomy. And, I'm always on the lookout for heart-shaped rocks. Honoring my cooking passion has been foundational to my health and wellbeing journey.

Other career highlights:
• Interim Executive Director, "Health Medicine Forum" an educational health foundation.
• Award-winning infographics at the Contra Costa Times Newspaper; graphic artist.
• Executive Director, the Good News Federal Credit Union at the same newspaper.
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