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Media: Unique Tip for Deodorizing Kitchen Equipment


Need to know how to deodorize kitchen items?

This unique tip for deodorizing kitchen equipment is simple and you probably already have the product in your fridge to get the funk out of most items.

You’ll find my answer on Page 40 in the June 1, 2020 edition of “Woman’s World” national magazine!


A freelance reporter contacted me in January, doing a story on using food for unusual tasks — specifically “mustard packets” from fast-food restaurants. She found my blog post: How to deodorize — using mustard powder, which mentions using it for:

"arm pits, too"

So, I went to a fast-food joint to get —and then test— a mustard packet, and it worked. 

It’s as easy as this:
  • 1 packet of mustard
  • 1/2 teaspoon water

Rub the entire surface with this mixture, let sit for a couple of minutes and rinse.

Why this works:

Enzymatic action occurs when mustard is mixed with water and will neutralize odor compounds. The mustard flavor and odor will then evaporate after the enzyme action stops, in a few minutes.

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