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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Cooking classes — Frequently Asked Questions

Cooking classes — Frequently Asked Questions

I do not have a brick and mortar location. Classes will be your location.

All classes are private, the only attendees in your class will be those in your group.

At your home, or your specified location (park, beach, church, museum, etc)

Sure, this is happening more and more because of COVID. However, a travel fee may apply (depends on distance and number of items that I need to bring with me). If at your home, the best thing to do is to send a photo of your kitchen so I can do preliminary planning.

I will bring what you don't have. Once we finalize the menu, I will send a list of kitchen equipment that we need.

Bring drinks, a camera, and an appetite, and any other items that we discuss beforehand (such as knives, boards, pots, pans, gadgets). I can bring aprons and knives if needed be.

Drinks, whatever you prefer: wine, coffee, tea, filtered water, etc.

What to wear: short sleeves and closed-toed shoes are best. Also, wear comfortable shoes because we will be standing for a couple of hours.

Food and Wine — Frequently Asked Questions

Food and Wine — Frequently Asked Questions

Wine is not included because I can't provide alcohol as I don't have the license. However, you are welcome to bring wine, and I will make suggestions based on the menu.

The food cost is included in my 3-hour meals and the Mystery Basket Challenge.

Food cost is not always included in catered events. We will determine this as we plan your event.

The food cost is not included in the technique classes or the Kitchen Mastery program because the menus are personalized to your goals.

Certainly. The additional food cost will be added to the event fee.

Any changes can be made to any of my menus. 

I can accommodate all dietary needs. An added fee may apply due to special purchases.

Tofu, tempeh, beans, grains and dairy are alternative protein choices. Have no fear, I can accommodate and will make suggestions based on the menu.

Misc — Frequently Asked Questions

Misc — Frequently Asked Questions

There are no prerequisites for any of my classes. The good news is -- I will help you learn anything you need to know.

Since the COVID pandemic — the most popular class is my Italian class. My guess is because it's comfort food. 

Before COVID pandemic the most popular class was Paella, with a Sangria.

So far, I've made an estimated 216 paellas -- all with rave reviews. I'm happy to report that people claim it's the BEST paella they have ever had.

I teach children ages 6 and older who are ready to explore the techniques and science of cooking. Let's discuss their comfort level and what they are interested in learning.

Online – Number of Attendees

Online - Number of Attendees

One person is the minimum number of attendees for my cooking classes.

The maximum number of attendees for online cooking classes is based on the menu, your goals and the budget.

An unlimited number of attendees is feasible with the right platform and moderators to help facilitate the event.

So far, the largest online group was 90 people, each at different devices across the U.S. Some devices had additional family members.

Here's how it worked: the company had one facilitator and two moderators. The facilitator managed the entire event. The moderators were watching the chat box and scanning the gallery for any questions. Moreover, the moderators would call out questions from the chat box and comment on what/how people were doing.

Short answer: any number of people can be at each device. However, there could be a limit depending on the menu, the type of the event, and the fee structure. 

Online – Misc

Online - Misc

Generally - no. I will send a list of ingredients and equipment that are needed.

Each participant can receive food and equipment such as apron, knife and cutting board --let's discuss. See my Corporate page for an example.

Zoom is my first pick. And, if you have a different platform preference, let's talk.

With your written permission, I would love to record the session to showcase snippets and screenshots on social media. In the case that the recording is on your end, then I hope to receive a copy.

Yes. I will send an email with the recipe and a list of equipment well in advance of the event date.

It's your choice. You can cook alongside me or just watch like a live cooking show. Whether you cook with me or just watch, I guarantee you will learn to cook and improve your skills. 

Indeed, I do. I have a list of my demos on the Online Cooking Classes page.

And, I can create custom demos.

Payments — Frequently Asked Questions

Payments — Frequently Asked Questions

Contact me to book a class -- state your date and time. But also include your goals for the event and the number of people. 

Send money to me via: 



Google Pay (attach it to an email, or use the app)

Apple Pay (attach it to a text message)

Zelle (use my phone number and/or email address)

Square (call me)

Check (call me)

Cash (call me)

In some cases, a processing fee may be required.

Full payment secures (confirms) the date for your event. 

COVID — Frequently Asked Questions

COVID — Frequently Asked Questions

Masks are required. Rest assured, I have disposable masks if you need one.

My kitchen is large enough for 6 work stations at 6 feet apart. 

Qualifications — Frequently Asked Questions

Qualifications — Frequently Asked Questions

My forte is to gauge your skill level and provide instruction that's right for you. The session is all about YOU.

Furthermore, I guarantee the experience will be relaxing, fun and unforgettable. 

Bauman College Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts, in Berkeley. 

2005-2007 Nutrition Educator program

2007-2008 Culinary Arts program 


My passion for cooking (and teaching) was ignited in several ways over a course of a couple of decades. Tap here to read about my journey on the About page.

I was honored with  "Best Personal Chef in Silicon Valley," by the SanFran Magazine in 2016. Tap here to read about the award (scroll to the bottom of the page).

In 2016, four chefs vied for Judges Pick and the People's Choice award (3 judges and 400+ attendees) in a fundraiser for a local non profit. Tap here to read more about the competition.

In 2012, I designed and co-authored the "Upgraded Chef" eCookbook with Dave Asprey for his Bulletproof Diet. The recipes are suited for a paleo keto diet. Tap here to read more and to see a few of the recipes. 

More Frequently Asked Questions

More Frequently Asked Questions

See examples on my Gift Cards page

I do not have a calendar on my site at this time. Available times are: weekdays and weekends, daytime and evenings.

Tap here for the Request a Class form. Fill it in, send it and my response time is generally within 4 hours.

My response time is generally within 4 hours. If it's been more than 24 hours, please text or call me or email me

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