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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Location of Cooking Classes — Frequently Asked Questions

Cooking classes — Frequently Asked Questions

No. I do not have a brick and mortar location. Classes will be your location.

At your home, or your specified location (office, park, beach, church, museum, etc).

Yes. Cooking classes at your home is beneficial being we will use equipment you already have and are familiar with.  If at your home, the best thing to do is send a photo of your kitchen for me to plan the set up for the class.

No. All cooking classes are now in-person cooking classes. Online classes are no longer offered. In 2020, during the first year of the COVID19 pandemic, I taught online classes (from 1 person to 90 people). It was clear that the experience is infinitely better --for both me and the student/s--to be cooking together in person.

Types of Cooking Classes — Frequently Asked Questions

Cooking classes — Frequently Asked Questions

All classes are private, the only attendees in your class will be those in your group.

Before COVID19, the most popular class was Paella with a Sangria. So far, I've made an estimated 227 paellas -- all with rave reviews. I'm happy to report that people claim it's the BEST paella they have ever had.

Since the COVID19 pandemic — the most popular class is my Italian class, perhaps because a pasta meal is considered more of a comfort food meal than a meal with a rice dish.

Yes. I teach children ages 6 and older who are ready to explore techniques and science of cooking. Let's discuss their comfort level and what they are interested in learning.

Yes. Demos include:

  1. Corporate health fairs.
  2. Appliance demos: Thermador, Wolf, Miele, Viking, etc.
  3. Lunch & Learns
  4. Family gatherings
  5. Bridal & baby showers

During the Cooking Class — Frequently Asked Questions

Cooking classes — Frequently Asked Questions

I will bring what you don't have. Once we finalize the menu, I will send a list of kitchen equipment that we need and you let me know what you do and don't have.

Items you need for a cooking class:

  1. wine, drinks.
  2. a camera.
  3. an appetite.
  4. any other items that we discuss beforehand (such as knives, boards, pots, pans, gadgets).
  5. aprons (I can bring aprons if need be).


For safety reasons, wear short sleeves and closed-toed shoes.

For comfort: wear shoes that will be comfortable while standing a couple of hours.

Only with your written permission. I would love to record the session to showcase snippets and screenshots on social media.

Yes. After the class, I will send a digital copy of the recipe/s in an email. 

It's your choice. Attendees can cook or just watch like a live cooking show. Whether you cook with me or watch, I guarantee you will improve your cooking skills.

It depends on the type of class:

  1. 3-hour full-meal classes: Immediately. Appetizers will be available at the beginning and throughout the 3-hour full-meal classes. We will cook for 3 hours and then you'll sit down to eat the meal we just created.
  2. Skill-building classes: Taste-testing will be towards the end of a skill-building classes.
  3. Mystery Basket Challenge: at the end of the challenge.

Food and Wine — Frequently Asked Questions

Food and Wine — Frequently Asked Questions

No. Wine is not included because I can't provide alcohol as I don't have the license to do so.

I can make wine suggestions based on the menu.

Depends on the class.

  1. The food cost is included in my 3-hour pre-set meal classes and the Mystery Basket Challenge.
  2. The food cost is not included in the technique classes nor the Kitchen Mastery program because the menus are personalized to your goals. If I do the shopping then there will be a shopping fee to cover my time.
  3. Food cost is sometimes included in customized cooking classes or catered events. We will determine this as we plan your event.

Yes. The cost of any specialty food item will be added to the event fee.

Yes. Any changes can be made to any of my menus. 

Yes. I can accommodate all dietary needs. An added fee may apply due to special purchases and special preparations.

Vegan and vegetarian options: Tofu, tempeh, beans, grains and dairy are alternative protein choices. Have no fear, I can easily accommodate vegan and vegetarian options and will make suggestions based on the menu.

Booking and payments — Frequently Asked Questions

Payments — Frequently Asked Questions

Tap here for the Request a Class form. Fill it in and tap the SEND button. My response time is generally within 4 hours. Or, send an email or text message, include:

  1. Your name and contact info.
  2. Your event date and time.
  3. Your goals for the event.
  4. Number of people (and ages if under 18 years old). 
  5. Type of class and menu.

I accept these forms of payment: 

  1. Venmo (last phone digits are: 8498)
  2. PayPal
  3. Google Pay (attach it to an email, or use the app)
  4. Apple Pay (attach it to a text message)
  5. Zelle (use my phone number and/or email address)
  6. Square
  7. Check 
  8. Cash 

In some cases, a processing fee may be added.

Yes. Full payment secures (confirms) the date of your event. 

Yes, possibly.

  1. A travel fee may be added for distance and number of items that I need to bring with me. 
  2. Additional food fee might be added to cover the cost of speciality items.
  3. Additional fee might be added to accommodate vegan or vegetarian specialty items. 
  4. A shopping fee might be added to cover my time to shop for specialty items.
  5. In some cases, a payment processing fee may be added.

THANK YOU! My response time is generally within 4 hours. If it's been more than 24 hours then I most likely did not receive your request because of a glitch in the online form. Please text or call me or send an email to me.

I am available 7 days / week.

I do not have a calendar on my site at this time. Available times are: weekdays and weekends, daytime and evenings.

No. There are no prerequisites for any of my classes. The good news is -- I will help you learn anything you need to know.

COVID — Frequently Asked Questions

COVID — Frequently Asked Questions

No. Wearing masks is your choice. Let me know if you want me to wear a mask. I have disposable masks if you need one.

Qualifications — Frequently Asked Questions

Qualifications — Frequently Asked Questions

My forte is to see your skill level and provide instruction that's right for you. The session is all about YOU.

Many people choose my classes for healthy cooking, and nutritional conversation.

People say they return because of my style of teaching, my professionalism and authenticity, the relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Bauman College Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts, Berkeley, CA. 

2005-2007 Nutrition Educator program

2007-2008 Culinary Arts program 

My passion for cooking (and teaching) was ignited in January 2005 when I attended my first Health Medicine Forum event. It was focused on the connection of the body, mind and spirit. Within a month I joined the Board of the Directors. At the same time, I found a spiritual center that I resonated with and decided to cook lunches for 40 people each Sunday for my tithing service.

Tap here to read about my journey on the About page.

Yes. I was honored with  "Best Personal Chef in Silicon Valley," by the SanFran Magazine in 2016. Tap here to read about the award (scroll to the bottom of the page).

Yes. In 2016, four chefs vied for Judges Pick and the People's Choice award (3 judges and 400+ attendees) in "7th Annual Chefs of Compassion: Cooking for a Cause," a fundraiser in support of West Valley Community Services (WVCS) in Cupertino, CA. Tap here to read more about the competition.

Yes. In 2012, I designed and co-authored the "Upgraded Chef" eCookbook with Dave Asprey for his Bulletproof Diet. The recipes are suited for a paleo keto diet. Tap here to read more and to see a few of the recipes. 


  1. In 2012, Dave Asprey (proclaimed founder of biohacking), was a dinner guest, afterwards he asked me to produce his first cookbook, which we published 6 months later.
  2. In 2014, was personal chef to Jed and Daniel York, owners of the 49ers football team, at their home 3 days /week.
  3. In 2021/22, as Executive Chef at 40 Years of Zen, I cooked for 200+ high-performers (many of whom are celebrities within their industry).

Yes. In 2007, I cooked with the chef at a yoga retreat and attended a cooking class and cooked with the locals, in Marrakech, Morocco. Then flew to Italy and cooked at restaurants in Rome and Milan and a bed & breakfast in Florence.

In 2016, I lived/worked at a bed & breakfast for 1 month in northwest Italy; and worked at an organic farm, cooked at another bed & breakfast and a refugio hut during the same trip.

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