Book a cooking class party for your GROUP

  • Group cooking classes for corporate business groups and team-building events
    • Engaged fun, with food.
    • Established groups sync collaboration.
    • Ice breaker event for new groups.
    • Time away from the office.
  • Friends / family
    • Birthdays, anniversaries
    • Bachelor, bachelorette celebrations
    • Girls night out, guys night in

Covid cooking classes, wearing masks, Cooking with Joni Sare

Pick your date/time

Send a request with a couple of dates and times that best fit your schedule. I am available 7 days / week, 11am-9pm. Each class shows one date far into the future, indicating it is available at any time.

TERMS and CONDITIONS: by paying, you agree to these terms.

Need more info?

Join me, a personal trainer for your kitchen, for a kitchen party:

  • create a memorable meal together.
  • build your culinary muscles and have fun with food and cooking.
  • learn how to think like a chef, and learn some food science.
  • know how to build flavors, and how to taste test and adjust the flavors.
  • get a bit of nutrition knowledge.

Corporate events

Team building cooking classes work well for an “ice breaker” event, as well as an aid with established groups in finding new ways to collaborate. Cooking together also works well for just time away from the office.

My team building events are 100% interactive –engaging participants while having fun with food. The working relationships (i.e. collaborations) are immediate: ideas exchanged, decisions made, a timeline established.

If you want, competition can be incorporated with specific kudos (awards) such as: Best use of ingredient; Most unique use of gadget; Best use of color, shape and size; Best overall presentation. I can also weave in a retrospective element: a self-review and/or peer-review questionnaire form to help identify behavior patterns.

Contact me if you want a Lunch ‘n Learn at your office.

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Couples Cooking Classes

Couples cooking class