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skill building

Competency with improvisational cooking is desired by all. Replacing effort with skill is the theme for my classes, such as: knife skills, flavor building, and the science and chemistry of cooking.

Decision making slows us down and causes stress, so people avoid it and end up staying away from the kitchen. We will practice cooking together –without recipes– so that your decision making is minimized and optimized. It is then that you will experience the kitchen autopilot that you’ve been wanting.
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Team building, groups

My team building events are 100% interactive –engaging participants while having fun with food. The working relationships (i.e. collaborations) are immediate: ideas exchanged, decisions made, a timeline established.

If you want, competition can be incorporated between the teams for specific kudos (awards) such as: Best use of ingredient; Most unique use of gadget; Best use of color, shape and size; Best overall presentation. I can also weave in a retrospective element: a self-review and/or peer-review question form to help identify behavior patterns.

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Skill-building classes are for those who want proficiency and efficiency –basically more comfort– in the kitchen.

Team building cooking classes work well for an “ice breaker” event, as well as an aid with established groups in finding new ways to collaborate. This team building activity also works well for just time away from the office.

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