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Cooking classes for groups and individuals,
and outdoor dining experiences

Group cooking classes, 3-course meal
Team building events
Birthdays, anniversaries
Bachelor, bachelorette celebrations
Girls night

Cooking together is a dance, 

I will show you how. 

This is a private class for 2 people, making a 3-course meal.

cooking classes for people who want to learn how to cook


Private individual classes are 1 or 2 hours.
Customized to meet your goals.


cabana, COVID-safe outdoor dining, backyard dining



Please, be seated in my backyard.
I will cook and serve you a 3-course meal. 


Buy Hummus when on sale, store it in the freezer, watch my video for cooking tips


Tip: buy extra Hummus when on sale and store it in the freezer.


My blog has cooking tutorials for beginners and experienced cooks. The info is to help you think like a chef using cooking methods and techniques –not recipes. 

Gift Certificates and Gift Cards

Buy a gift certificate for cooking classes for:

Christmas gifts

Graduation gifts

Birthday gifts

Anniversary gifts

Housewarming gifts (I will cook with them in their new home.)

These reviews come from:

Fortune 500 companies • Small businesses • Startups
Bachelorettes • Bachelors
Families • Husbands • Wives • Moms • Dads
Girlfriends • Boyfriends

1,000+ students and nearly 1,000 classes