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What to do at the Los Gatos Farmer’s Market

Every 2nd Sunday of the month, I will lead a tour at the Farmer’s Market in Los Gatos. You’ll have some time to yourself after the tour and before my cooking demo at Williams-Sonoma.


What to do between the tour and demo

The Farmer’s Market tour is from 10 – 11am, and the cooking demo at Williams-Sonoma is at 1:30pm … here are ideas as to how to use your time wisely between 11 and 1:30:

  • Remain at the Market to….
    1. buy items that you just can’t leave without
    2. visit with the farmers, vendors, artisans
    3. familiarize yourself with the layout of the Market so that when you return next week you will have a more efficient visit
    4. pick up your knives at Craig Chadwick’s booth: “Restoration Edge.” Drop off your knives before the tour, then pick them up after the tour. Craig’s booth is at the very end of the “L” shape row of vendors. IDEA: If you are in the market of buying knives I highly recommend talking with Craig for information, get your questions answered. Here’s his website, with contact info.
    5. taste more olive oil, try other gluten-free snacks, have a crepe, burrito or kettle corn
    6. buy flowers for your table, your office, for another
    7. find the guy with the parrot on his shoulder and take some photos
    8. sit near the water fountain to get enhanced by its negative ions, kick back and watch all the happy people, dogs, kids, baby carriages stacked with produce …all while listening to the live music
    9. buy the heavy items that you didn’t want to buy earlier that would have been too heavy to carry around during the hour tour
    10. buy food in bulk … such as a box of cherries, strawberries, apples, corn (whatever is in season) …put the goods in your car and then drive your car to the rear parking lot of Williams-Sonoma. Bring your box of goodies into the store and ask that they put it in safe keeping, and then retrieve it after the Cooking Demo.
  • Wander, shop, eat at the many stores and restaurants along Main, University and Santa Cruz Ave.
  • Take a walk along the Los Gatos Creek
  • Get to Williams-Sonoma early for a couple of reasons …
    • to use your discount coupon (you’ll get one when you sign up in advance for the cooking demo)
    • to get a good viewing spot at the demo counter
    • to see what’s on sale
    • to check out the newest fun and functional gadgets (my favorite new gadget is the Wireless Remote Grilling Thermometer)


The poster

Here is the poster you’ll see at the market and around town…..


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