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Venus Transit viewing, with PALEO dinner

I’m hosting a gathering at my home this Tuesday night for those of us who are interested in viewing this rare scientific opportunity, read about it here:

Venus viewing will be from 6 PM to 7 PM as the sun is setting, with a discussion led by Steve Fowkes. We’ll cover a lot of ground… from astronomy to spirituality to extraterrestrial to nutrition to cooking to any other topic you aspire to converse about.

$20 per person, includes a PALEO dinner.

This is not the usual paleo or raw-food gathering that we typically host. This is an inaugural event for the new, soon-to-be-released Upgraded Chef eCookbook (featuring an ‘upgraded paleo diet’), written by Bulletproof Executive Dave Asprey and recipes by me(!) — Therapeutic Chef Joni Sare. FYI — Dave’s other book “Better Baby Book” was featured in Vogue this month and Nightline interviewed him a couple weeks ago, it might be aired this week. (

I’ll make a meal featuring recipes from the book.

Food will be served alfresco, buffet style, from 7 PM to 8 PM, in our backyard patio. The pond-creek feature will be running, making it an idyllic garden setting for conversation with newly met guests and companionship with your guests. Separate tables will be scattered around the back yard patio, providing at least a small degree of opportunity for intimacy and romance, so bring your significant other even though they might have no interest in rare celestial events. Hopefully, the temperature will be warm, but bring an extra layer (or two) so that you can stay comfortable after the sun sets.

We will have dark film and a pinhole display to watch this very rare event. About 1/25th the size of the sun’s disk, Venus will be visible as a small round shadow passing in front of the sun as the sun sets in North America. (Steve will try to find the solar filter for his telescope.) This will be the last time Venus will eclipse the sun in this century. Come watch it with us.

And dine in bliss.

If you have a telescope, please bring it and or any other viewing device.


Pay when you arrive ($20), or send a ‘personal’ payment to me via PayPal, here’s my payment address:  jonisare at gmail dot com.


View it on your screen….


Click here to read about Venus Transit, a “Rare Scientific Opportunity” ….




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