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What: uses for Thai Young coconut water

This text taken from the Sweet and Sour Cantaloupe Salad.

Here are yummy uses for coconut water:

  • Add to veggie juices: The veggie concoction I’ve been making lately is ….one carrot, one cucumber, one beet, one lemon and the juice of one coconut. Big Yum.
  • Add to smoothies: Jay, our housemate, has been making a nightly smoothie with coconut water, mango, black berries, macca root powder and – oh, boy, I can’t remember the last ingredient, hmm, it’s probably cardamom, his favorite spice.
  • Add to soups: See my post for the June 30th Dinner, I used coconut water in the Roasted Tomato Soup.
  • Speed cooking: When time challenged, open the coconut (see Opening a coconut, #3, drink the water to boost your mojo and save the meat – just put the coconut with its lid back into the fridge for later use.

I’ll add more uses to this list, check back another time.

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