Tomato-free Thousand Island Dressing

Tomato-Free Thousand Island Dressing

Tomato-free Thousand Island Dressing

Makes 1/2 cup dressing

1/2 cup smashed raspberries

1-2 tsp mustard

1 tsp mayo

1 tsp minced green onion (bulb only)

2 pinch salt

1) In mixing bowl, smash the raspberries and then mix in the rest of the ingredients.


• In this recipe, the berries take the place of tomatoes for: the color, the sweet, tart, and a bit sour/acid.

• Use just about any berries, just know that the flavor profile will change and that the amounts of salt, mayo, mustard, onions will need to be adjusted.

• This tastes very similar (yet is more red in color) to the traditional Thousand Island dressing. If you want to keep the red coloring, then go with the red berry varieties (best to strain/remove the seeds) such as: strawberries, pomegranates, elderberries, red currants.

• This will save for up to a week in the fridge in an air-tight container. Tip: As the dressing is used, move the leftovers to a smaller container that fits just the amount of remaining dressing. This minimizes the amount of air inside the container and the dressing will last longer.

Auto-Immune Paleo diet

This “tomato-free” Thousand Island Dressing is for those who want to avoid the nightshades. It fits the Auto-Immune Paleo plans that include mustard.

Mustard alternatives

The mustard provides tang and warmth, so substitutions for this recipe will be:

• 1/2 tsp minced/grated Radish root

• 1/2 tsp minced/gratted Horseradish root

• 1/4 tsp minced/grated Wasabi root

Use these raw roots minced or finely grated with a zester. Or – steam and puree the roots for a more mild flavor and smooth texture.