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Tips for eating RAW while out and about

Here are a few tips for those of you who want RAW foods while out and about, at restaurants, at work, with friends, family. Often times the simplest statements go a long way, so, I’ve included a few of’m for you to have in your assertive arsenal.

Guest at a home dinner

  • To host, at least one week before the dinner date: “I’m doing a food plan that avoids all cooked foods, I’m curious what our menu will be, and if need be, I’m curious- will bringing my own food be okay with you?”
  • Once you know the menu you might be able to replicate what the others are eating so that your plate doesn’t look too much different than the others.

Restaurants, eating out

  • To waitstaff: “I’m doing a food plan that avoids all cooked foods, please help me by introducing me to items on your menu that are uncooked, raw foods.”
  • When I went gluten free I would carry gluten-free bread with me, when I was (nearly) 100% raw for that year, I brought my own wraps (raw tortillas) with me. Establishments understood when I explained my special needs (avoiding gluten, avoiding cooked foods) and I can’t remember any of them saying NO to using my own bread, my own wrap. Most times they gave me the sandwich ingredients on a plate and I assembled it myself, would assemble my own wrap.Wraps travel very well, they are okay with non-refrigeration for a couple of hours, they are flat, small, easy to carry.
  • Here’s part of a thread on “” …. I’ve heard of folks making business cards that they give to the waiter to place their order. The card says:
    “I’m a live food vegan. Please prepare me a basic salad with any of these fresh/uncooked/non canned items: lettuce, carrots, tomato, celery, avocado, onion, bell pepper. Do not add a dressing, croutons, cheese, bacon bits or any other extras to the salad. Thank you.”
  • For those of you in transition …. here is another bit of info I found online:

“7. What about eating out? This is one of the most common questions asked – and the answer is – it’s completely up to you. You can choose to eat “normally”, to make healthier choices than usual or to ask for a juicy salad with all sorts of things thrown in, but above all, enjoy what you eat and feel at peace with it!”



RAW Restaurant Directory

If you know of one, and they are not on this list, please encourage them to do so.

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