Group cooking parties

Team building events

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  • 3-hour team-building cooking party, everyone in the kitchen, then sit down to eat the meal you all just made.
  • 2-hours, with appetizers Mystery Basket Challenge with teams of 3-5 people, no kitchen needed (location can be your office, a park, a winery, private home, other).
  • 1-hour lunch’n learn, no kitchen needed, I demonstrate a cooking method.
  • I cook the meal for your group.

Fee is based on…

  • Hourly fee, plus food cost.
  • Billable hours are menu planning, shopping, set up, class time, and clean up.
  • Use of my venue (utilities, equipment use), or travel fee
  • Group size, menu, length of time and location
  • Sometimes I need to hire assistant/s.
  • Menu could be appetizers, or a full meal


Payment is required to secure the date.

  • Venmo, Google Pay, Apple Pay
  • PayPal, plus 4% processing fee
  • Credit card / Square, plus 4% processing fee
  • Check, or cash


By paying, you agree to these terms.

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Master Basic Life Skills for the Kitchen

Two ways to cook: with recipes and without recipes

Contact me today—for a healthier you tomorrow! Get started now!

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today.”
Chinese proverb

Socialize and cook together – a great combination

In my group cooking classes, I help facilitate interaction and decision making in a social setting. This could be a group celebration party, or a team building cooking party.

We’ll share stories, recipes, techniques. Plus, having time with a personal trainer for the kitchen is rewarding for all, because these are skills to use for a lifetime, and feeling comfortable in the kitchen is the first step toward enjoying the art and science of cooking.

My menus include:

  • Italian – Pasta, Tiramisu
  • Spanish – Paella, Orange Cake
  • Thai – Tom Kha, Pad Thai
  • French – Beef Bourguignon, French Macarons
  • French – Coq au Vin, Creme Brulee

Join me in the kitchen to gain a closer relationship with friends and coworkers, and to gain cooking skills.

I can help you find your inner cook, and help you define the flavors you enjoy so that you cook for your own tastes, your own personal cuisine.

  • Corporate groups
  • Birthdays, and anniversaries
  • Bachelor, and dBachelorette parties
  • Volunteer groups, and clubs
  • Moms, or Dads night out
  • Girls, or Guys night out
  • Date night
  • Teens, Kids (6+)

You’ll acquire new skills, techniques and cooking methods to use your entire life! To put a new twist on an old proverb:

“Cook a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to cook fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”



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