Raw: Pad Thai #2

Another version of my Raw Pad Thai, served at a 3-day retreat.

Indian-inspired veggies, and a burger

I swear, some of the best meals – ever – come from what is found in the fridge, freezer and pantry. Stacey and I were verrry pleased with our lunch today.

Raw: Crepes

I recently made these crepes (krr-epp) for a client – and – brought them to the South Bay Raw Food MeetUp monthly potluck. They are absolutely divine. I’ve made them many times, the mouth feel and taste are just like a crepe (krr-epp), people always go ga ga over them.

Raw: Caraway Coleslaw

This cabbage and green apple slaw ‘turned a corner’ with the caraway and coconut dressing. Yum!

Cantaloupe Tofu Soup

This is a raw soup, except for the tofu, which I added for a protein boost.

What: uses for Thai Young coconut water

Here are yummy uses for coconut water…

Raw: Coconut Ice Cream

It’s easy, blend and freeze, eat and enjoy. The Yum factor hit the BIG YUM!

Raw: Sweet’n Sour Cantaloupe Salad

The lime was the perfect citrus to bring in high notes to balance the earthiness of the pine nuts and seeds …and to minimize the fatty-factor of the coconut meat.

How: Opening a Thai Young coconut, #1, 2, 3

Watch these 3 YouTube videos to learn how to open a Thai Young coconut.

Coconut Cream Tomato Basil Soup

Served at a Dialog Dinner, June 30, 2010. Serves 12, 2 cups per person (or 6 quarts, or 1.5 gallons). Time:  This recipe requires a bit of planning and a bit of time b/c it has some prep work and a couple of stages Cutting, cooking, cooling and processing: Cutting and deseeding the 10 lbs […]