Quoted in Woman’s World magazine

Woman's World magazine, kitchen helpful hints, deodorize plastic, deodorize jars

Need to know how to deodorize kitchen items?  You’ll find my answer on Page 40 in the “Woman’s World” national magazine:    In the June 1, 2020 edition:   Couple of things to note: There was NO mention of popsicles in the email thread that I had with the freelance reporter who contacted me in […]

Fast and easy chicken with nut coating

This recipe took 15 minutes, start to finish and has just 3 ingredients. Oven-baked Pistachio-breaded chicken Chicken cutlets Annie’s Dijon Mustard, about 2 teaspoons per cutletĀ  Pistachios, ground to a fine meal, 1 tablespoon per cutlet 1. Heat oven to 400 degrees. 2. Put parchment paper on a baking sheet. (I use parchment paper for […]

Healthy salads, salad dressings, salad fixings

Tips for salad makeovers! I’ll be meeting with a new culinary student in the kitchen who needs/wants to add ‘life’ to her salads. AND, she wants to have ideas as to what to eat while she is in recovery, strengthening her lungs, liver and gallbladder.

Steamed Swiss Chard w/Mustard and Pomegranate Vinegar

I made this dish for the Cooking Demo at Williams-Sonoma, July 10th (following a trip to the Farmer’s Market) in Los Gatos. This one is in honor of my kids …. it was the only way they ate chard when they were young… and they ate A LOT of it. … using regular prepared yellow […]

Cooking demo, Williams-Sonoma, July 10th

We found wonderful looking, enticing produce at the Los Gatos Farmer’s Market this morning for my cooking demo at Williams-Sonoma (WS). First, we (me and my group) walked through the entire market without buying a single thing. We said HELLO to the vendors while looking for new, different, intriguing foods. Then, got down to business. […]