Raw: Dehydrated Kale Chips #2

Here’s another version of my kale chips. The batter is a classic, with cashews, red bell pepper and nutritional yeast.

Raw: Pad Thai #2

Another version of my Raw Pad Thai, served at a 3-day retreat.

Raw: Dehydrated Kale Chips #1

Drying kale leaves is easy … in the dehydrator – or in the oven (on the lowest temperature possible). Here’s what you need (utensils, gadgets, etc) and how to do it.

Raw: ‘un-Chicken’ nuggets

I think it’s really neat that the mixture turns nugget-like color after it dehydrates.


The sweet and sour flavors of this tapenade made it unforgettable.

Raw: Pad Thai#1

Another simple and tasty raw dish, goes to show you, not every raw dish is complicated.