Cooking lesson: Healthy Eggs and Pancakes

A cooking lesson plan for making healthy eggs and grain-free pancakes.

Cooking lesson: the basics of poaching, steaming and seasoning

Choose this cooking lesson to learn the basics of poaching, steaming and seasoning.

Anticancer recipes based on David Servan-Schreiber’s book

Here are meal ideas and recipes, based on the guidelines in the “Anticancer book” and based on my clients’ food in their pantry/fridge and their likes and dislikes. Each dish builds on the previous one — using leftovers.

Spinach and Duck Eggs

Heirloom Organics sells baby greens at the Mountain View Farmer’s Market (and other Markets in the Bay Area). I bought a one pound bag of spinach and been using handfuls in various dishes/meals. This breakfast looked extraordinary – to me – with the large duck eggs, with the over-sized golden-yellow yolks. I bought the duck eggs from […]

Stanford Women’s Club Holiday Party 2010

Polenta cakes, stuffed with candied beets Shrimp w/Beurre Rouge Sauce (the dried mission figs really stepped this reduction sauce up a notch) Polenta, parsnips, coconut milk w/arugula, fig balsamic vinegar dusted with cardamom   Pad Thai Basil Bites w/a raw Pad Thai sauce over zucchini rounds Persian cucumbers dipped in lime, with kumquats and black […]

Breakfast: soft-boiled egg wrap

This breakfast, I have to say, was one of the best, ever. The sourness from the kim chi with the eggs and sharp cheese wrapped in a warmed tortilla was a great combination to start the day.

Fish Tostada w/cilantro and mango

Here’s a quick and easy way to make a fish dish, sustainable fish, that is.