Tomato, Green Bean Chopped Salad w/White Truffle Oil and Pomegranate Vinegar

I made this dish for the Cooking Demo at Williams-Sonoma, July 10th (following a trip to the Farmer’s Market) in Los Gatos. The Truffle Oil was too good to pass up… just sitting there, in the back shelf of Williams-Sonoma, where I was washing the produce from the Farmer’s Market. I just HAD to use it. I […]

Spicy Asian Bok Choy Chopped Salad

I made this salad for the Cooking Demo at Williams-Sonoma, July 10th (following a trip to the Farmer’s Market) in Los Gatos. This Salad is based on the Bok Choy Chopped Salad I created for Intel, June 21, 22. Customers really enjoyed this fresh, crunchy, spicy salad … you will too, if you enjoy a soy […]

Fruit Kabobs w/Sweet’n Sour Almond Dipping Sauce

I deconstructed the “Fruit Soup” (that I created for Intel cooking demo) and made these “Fruit Kabobs” instead (i.e. they have the same ingredients as the Fruit Soup). Will serve these this Saturday at Atherton Appliance cooking demo, at July 4th backyard party and again at a catering gig Tuesday evening for the Nightcrawlers in Los Altos.

Raw: Avocado Cucumber Soup

In this soup: the citrus sings high and the smoked salt sings low, a wonder sound on the tongue.

Recap: Dialog Dinner w/Cherie Calbom

Raw food meal, July 25th, with The Juice Lady, Cherie Calbom. Our intimate dialog and food was both revitalizing and nourishing. Here is the menu, see individual posts for the recipes.

Apricot Cucumber Quinoa Salad

This salad is a big hit no matter where I serve it. The flavor of the Orange Blossom Water is such a surprise when you bite into the apricots.

Raw: Dr. Oz’s Green Drink

What can I say? …. it’s another good tasting green drink.

Raw: Avocado Cucumber Soup

Saturday’s raw lunch buffet: Salad bar, soup and crackers

Raw: Green drink

green juice drink

A very satisfying green drink to start off the day at the Soul Collage Retreat.

Raw: Marinated Cucumber w/Smoked Salt

This is one of my favorite appetizers b/c it’s easy to make, tasty and promotes stomach acid (the vinegar helps to produce stomach acids, getting the body ready to digest the oncoming meal).