Instant Pot Class: Honey Lemon Chicken, 10 ways

In this class, you will learn one of my “convertible recipes” where you can choose your own flavor (a specific cuisine). Once you know this COOKING METHOD you can create dozens of versions.

Cooking lesson: knife skills and searing, sauteing, braising

This cooking lesson plan is for those who want to cover the basics of knife skills, and 3 stove-top cooking methods, using chicken, veggies and dried herbs.

Fast and easy chicken with nut coating

This recipe took 15 minutes, start to finish and has just 3 ingredients. Oven-baked Pistachio-breaded chicken Chicken cutlets Annie’s Dijon Mustard, about 2 teaspoons per cutlet  Pistachios, ground to a fine meal, 1 tablespoon per cutlet 1. Heat oven to 400 degrees. 2. Put parchment paper on a baking sheet. (I use parchment paper for […]

Lunch and Learn, version #3

“Lunch and learns” are for employees who want to bring home the ease and grace of cooking healthfully. Eating for Health is by far the best health insurance one can buy, do, have. In this version, I offer 3 classes: Italian, Thai and a healthy breakfast. Check it out, perhaps you will want to do […]

Recipes, demystifying angled luffa and smooth luffa (loofah)

A food post for Monta Vista Market website.

Bones, don’t throw’m away

Best thing to do with leftover bones ….. is to make soup broth.

Chicken Marbella

A very yummy, satisfying Mediterranean chicken dish.

How to cook chicken breasts, the fast way

My housemate, Dan, presented a bag of 4 chicken breasts last night asking: what is the fastest way to cook these?

How to make tender chicken

I’ve found that there are quintessential steps to take in order to have the most tender chicken you can imagine. Preparing the chicken #1 > If you are going to cut the chicken breast before cooking, then do so when the meat is COLD. #2> Cut the COLD chicken breast by cutting against the grain (see […]

How: Cooking tender chicken

There are two quintessential steps, no, there are three steps, to do in order to have the most tender meat you can imagine.