Simple, easy, tasty, healthy dessert

Blueberry cobbler w/almond butter

Blueberries and almonds go really well together. This stove-top method of making a cobbler is easy enough for pre-teens to make, and healthy enough to serve as a snack.

Eucalyptus Magazine’s raw dinner, Stillheart Institute

Recap of Raw dinner for 44 people, with photos and links to recipes.

Strawberry Smoothie w/Pomegranate Vinegar

This was based on the “Strawberry Cream Sorbet” that I created back in February for a Dialog Dinner. I’ve served it many times since b/c it’s soooo good, people LOVE it. In my first concoction of this (in February) I used “Coconut Milk” and just last week, I also put in a bit of frozen feta cheese, for a more creamy, tart taste. YUM! …… also, just yesterday, I served it with blueberries, for the “French Laundry, Michelin-style Brunch” …. see image at this link.

Raw: Pad Thai #2

Another version of my Raw Pad Thai, served at a 3-day retreat.

How: Removing almond skins

For various reasons, at various times, having skinless almonds is preferred over almonds with their skins, so I will share with you a couple of ways to do this … the Raw way.

Why: Soak almonds, using soaked almonds

I’ve noticed that the amount of liquid almonds absorb during an 8-hour soak varies …. why, you ask? … here’s what I think…

Raw: Almond Cream Cheese

Do you like the soured flavor of cheese, the pungent-ness of blue cheese? Then you’ll enjoy these two Raw recipes…. just using three ingredients.

Raw: Marinated Watermelon w/Almond Cream Cheese

Watermelon, marinated in balsamic vinegar, served with mint and almond cream cheese.

Recap: Dialog Dinner w/Cherie Calbom

Raw food meal, July 25th, with The Juice Lady, Cherie Calbom. Our intimate dialog and food was both revitalizing and nourishing. Here is the menu, see individual posts for the recipes.

Raw: Caraway Coleslaw

This cabbage and green apple slaw ‘turned a corner’ with the caraway and coconut dressing. Yum!