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Superfood Desserts & Elixirs

with Christian and Bethanne

Authors of

When: Saturday July 14 from 2-5pm

Cost: $20, prepayment is required

Click here to RSVP via online.

Or contact Joni to register.


Join Christian Bates and Bethanne Wanamaker for a super fun (yet highly educational) class and discover:

* Why superfoods are essential for filling in nutrient deficiencies and for eliminating cravings

* How superfoods and tonic herbs can strengthen your holistic nutritional strategy for optimal health

* How to strengthen your immune system and restore stressed adrenal glands with high integrity, organic superfoods

* How to make the healthier & tastier versions of your favorite desserts & liquid indulgences (like lemonade) using the low-glycemic superfood nutrition principles

Plus, Questions and Answers with Christian & Bethanne

They’ll share how and why they embarked on a raw food-based diet that includes superfoods, why these nutrient-rich foods are so important for us, and what these delicious foods have been doing for them nutritionally on a long-term basis.

All recipes are dairy-free, using the absolute highest quality ingredients available.


– Hot Body Replenisher

– Blue Manna Lemonade

– Cherry Love Lemonade

– Creamy Cacao Pudding

– Chocolate Dream Ice Cream

Superfoods, which are correlated with longevity, genius, beauty, and spiritual growth, can be taken on a daily basis even while on a budget! As Bethanne says, “Radiant beauty comes from within; we’ll show you how to infuse your body with super nutrient-dense foods that will restore, regenerate, and repair at a deep level – in a way that is accessible to all.”

The recipes we’ll learn how to make are Christian and Bethanne’s secret to the most delicious, cost-effective, and practical way to get medicinal quality foods into the diet with the greatest potential for producing immediate results. The elixirs are mouth-watering, low-glycemic superfood nutrition cocktails that are reminiscent of your favorite childhood drinks!

They will have WildBars, wild blue green algae, raw cacao powder, raw cacao beans & other goodies available for sale. (cash or check only, please)


POTLUCK, more time with Bethanne and Christian, “WHO WHAT HOW”

Bethanne and Christian will lead a discussion on who we all are, what we’re passionate about, how we’re serving and making a difference in the world, and what visions we have for the remainder of 2012 and beyond.

Come ready to meet amazing people and network as we each share what kind of future we want to create for ourselves in this epic time of our lives!

Additional treats will be provided by Christian and Bethanne, but please bring your own dish, see dish ideas here:

Click here to RSVP for the potluck and read more info.

$5; from 5:45-7pm


CHRISTIAN BATES is a Superfood Eco Lifestyle Expert, Raw Gourmet Chef, Formulator, and Herbalist. For the past 9 years, he has been studying, living and teaching only the leading edge raw and Superfood health practices. He has never accepted “last year’s” methods. He knows that there is always a next step up in health practices and health results, and that there is always a solution if one’s health is in trouble.

Christian is the co-creator of the WildBar, a Superfood-infused raw chocolate meal replacement bar that has been on natural food stores’ shelves nationally for over 6 years.

His deepest passion is to teach people how to eat and live in a way that is both completely delicious, really fun and densely healthful! Christian is now going full force as an exciting speaker, beloved yoga teacher, cacao party host, and internet author for his blog,

Keep up with him as he lays out the most uncompromised, highest quality, results-driven, outrageously fun raw food lifestyle education ever presented!

Check out his newest product, soon to be released with your help:


BETHANNE WANAMAKER is the founder of, co-author of Superfood Beauty Elixirs, and a featured author in Thank God I: Stories of Inspiration for Every Situation, volume 3.

She founded Edible Goddess to teach emerging health enthusiasts and health-conscious women entrepreneurs how to experience everlasting vitality and youth and build resilience to stress.

As a holistic nutrition educator, motivational health speaker, and conscious lifestyle expert, Bethanne shows you how to make choices to become the absolute best and healthiest expression of yourself. She teaches self-care practices that accelerate positive transformation. She has a passion for creating and teaching others how to make chocolate superfood desserts, herbal tonics and elixirs, scrumptious raw food creations, and homemade edible skincare. Through products, coaching, and education through classes and events, she offers valuable insight into the connection between mindful choices and discovering and living your dharma.

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