Joni Sare, cooking instructor

Strawberry Festival at Blue House Farm

This past Sunday I spent the afternoon lollygagging at Blue House Farm, helping them celebrate their wonderful tasting Strawberries.

What fun! Sure was great to be back on a farm… with the sights, sounds, aromas. This farm is quite different than the one I grew up on in Minnesota … where my Dad/Mom raised cash crop and livestock (cattle and pigs, intermittently) … and 7 kids … complete with a dog and several cats. We had wide open spaces all around us… fields and fields as far as we could see from our little raised hill on which was the house, outbuildings, shop, quonset, pig pen, barn, apple trees, fir trees, the “little grove” and the “big grove,” the rock pile, gosh, I could go on… yet, I’ll digress…

Here, at Blue House Farm, was quite a different ambiance… nestled at the end of a valley with trees lining the boundary of Ryan’s property.


I brought my own homemade dairy-free "Walnut Cream" for dipping.
Rows of BASIL.
A long row of FENNEL
Blooming Broccoli. (Broccoli that has gone to 'seed'.)
Sweet Peas, in full bloom, ready to pick.

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