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Steamed Swiss Chard w/Mustard and Pomegranate Vinegar

I made this dish for the Cooking Demo at Williams-Sonoma, July 10th (following a trip to the Farmer’s Market) in Los Gatos.

This one is in honor of my kids …. it was the only way they ate chard when they were young… and they ate A LOT of it. … using regular prepared yellow mustard and a basic vinegar, maybe it was red wine vinegar.

Steamed Swiss Chard w/Mustard and Pomegranate Vinegar



  1. Steam the stems, then add the leaves.
  2. When done, mix in the mustard and vinegar, and serve.

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One young woman (late teens or early 20s) didn’t care for the taste of chard “too green, too bitter” … so, I suggested adding a bit of salt and she was sooo thankful for the tip, b/c now she enjoyed the greens and will try this with other green foods. This clearly was an ‘ah ha’ moment for her, and changed her impression of greens for the rest of her life.

“Why Salt makes things taste better” … watch for my post(!).

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