Joni Sare, cooking instructor

Six ways to slice a tortilla, to make baked chips

For a snack, or to serve with the Vegetable and Fish Tostadas.

Click here for recipes for flavoring the chips.

Here are 6 ways to cut the torts …..

First of all, being gluten free, I use Brown Rice Tortillas. Here is the “Food for Life” brand (sold at Wholefoods Market). Trader Joe’s has their own brand, which has a slightly different taste and consistency. Both are good, I don’t have a preference of one over the other.
1. The first option is to bake whole. After baking, serve whole or break into pieces. Warning, breaking after it's been baked will create lots of irregular shapes and crumbs... so, it's best to cut it to the shapes you want - before baking.
2. Second option is to cut into large scoops: First, make 4 slices about 2-fingers width apart, just a bit smaller than the width of the mouth. Then, cut once in half.
3. Or, cut into smaller widths, then cut once in half.
4. Cut into small strips for garnishes, or pretzel-like snacking and dipping. Cut the strips, then once in half.
5. Pie-shaped tortilla chips.
6. Triangle-shaped tortilla chips.

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