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Invitation: Dialog Dinner, “Thoughts, feelings and health”

Dinner with Steve Fowkes: How thoughts, feelings, intuition and spirituality affect our health and well being. It’s not just about taking supplements and eating good food. Steve will discuss the religious-spiritual side of nutrition, including exercise and metabolism and the neuroendocrine mechanisms of disease: insulin resistance, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and aging.

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Paleo potluck, Saturday, Sept 22nd

During our paleo potlucks our conversations range from: being a vegetarian or vegan on a Paleo diet, to adapting Paleo to you/your lifestyle, the various degrees of being Paleo. …where do you draw the line? …will Paleo be 100%? 80%? 60% of your diet? …wild game only? …no milk products? …little-to-no processed foods? …will you follow an ‘upgraded paleo diet’ – such as the Bulletproof Diet.

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