Reinventing leftovers

“Encore Presentations”

refresh • reinvent • reinvigorate your leftovers

A cooking class dedicated to showing how to change leftovers into a newly inspired dish.

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This is a 3-hour PRIVATE cooking class for up to 6 people.

“Encore Presentations: Bringing back leftovers with renewed flare!”

News flash! –leftovers do not have to taste the same the next day. In this class I show how to take one dish and reinvent it 4 times, with 4 different cuisines. The entree will be vegetables. Chicken (and /or tofu) will be served on the side and I will show 4 ways to season it to pair with our 4 different dishes.

Students learn how to add new flavors and sauces to build on the ones already in the dish. We start the class with a short course in knife skills to slice and dice the items needed for our entree.

Our first round will be sautéed veggies. You all will have small tapas-like serving to taste this first stage. To this, we will add and taste another layer of flavors. I will share why this works, and the alternatives. Then, I will add another layer of flavors and explain why this works, and a few alternatives. We will continue these stages and explore a total of 4 cuisines.

Along the way, I will share tips and techniques that will work for most cuisines.

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