Recap: June 30th, Dialog Dinner on Nutrition

Last night’s Dinner gathering was really really wonderful….. the nutrition conversation with Steve, the tasty food and the 12 people …. who came from various parts of the Bay Area … Marin, Livermore, Berkeley, and the San Jose area. ♥ The star player of the 4-course meal was the Chicken Piccata. ♥ Wow, it was very tasty and was so tender it melted in your mouth. Second runner up was the roasted Tomato Soup, and the third place winner was Steve’s brownies … they are always very good, but this time was exceptional.

Check out all the recipes, below.

Our dinner menu

Appetizer: Marinated Cucumbers with Smoked Salt

Soup: Coconut Cream Tomato Basil Soup

Main course:

    • Chicken Piccata

    • String beans w/caramelized onions and shallots

    • Roasted Summer Squash w/hazelnut oil and herbs

Dessert: Homemade Very Berry Coconut Cashew Ice Cream

My experience

I kid-you-not … I listened to George Winston’s ‘Thanksgiving’ song on my iPod over and over and over again while cooking the meal. This is my favorite song, it grounds me, gives me an inner feeling of peaceful bliss. Let’s see, I was in the kitchen from 12:30 – 5:30, but Anne and Steve were setting up the table at 5, so I turned off the iPod at that time because we were talking about table arrangement, place setting needs, family stuff, moving (we might move to a larger home) … anyway…  that means …. the song played …. 66 times …. during that 4.5 hours(!). Could that be right??  …I ought to submit this to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Click here to listen to George Winston’s “Thanksgiving.”

Even tho that sounds excessive (or rather – obsessive) it seems to have been a good thing because my time in the kitchen was pretty minimal considering I was cooking for 15 people (two of the 12 people said they might bring friends, so I planned to feed 15, the extra food went home in to-go boxes with some of the guests – they were very happy). Okay – so – I went shopping at 11am and was in the kitchen at 12:30pm. By 5:30pm I was set, ready for the guests – a full hour before dinner time – what a treat! I was able to take a break, make some phone calls and change my clothes.

BTW – One of the phone calls was with Cheri Calbom, the Juice Lady, best known for being a spokeswoman for the George Foreman grill and the Juiceman juicer. She’ll be coming to the Bay Area during the last week of July to promote her new book:  The Juice Lady’s Turbo Diet.

Her website is:

We hope to have a couple of events (including a Dialog Dinner on July 26th) with her while she’s here, so please check the calendar soon.

The recipes

Fyi – These recipes are built to feed 15 people, I will eventually post recipes for smaller servings.

Appetizer: Marinated Cucumber with Smoked Salt

Soup: Coconut Cream Tomato Basil Soup

Entree: Chicken Piccata (also spelled Chicken Picatta)

Side: String beans w/caramelized onions and shallots

Side: Roasted Summer Squash with hazelnut oil and herbs

Dessert: Very Berry Coconut Cashew Ice Cream
served with:

Steve’s Double Chocolate Gelatin Brownies