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Raw food potluck with Jennifer Cornbleet

See details of Jennifer Cornbleet’s demo here:

And here are details of our potluck, which follows her demo:


Please join us to inspire, to be inspired.

See details here:


Our potlucks:

Our monthly gathering is a time to meet fellow South Bay raw foodies, to help and support each other get started or stay on the path to a raw vegan lifestyle. We always have interesting demos, conversations. We all learn from each other.


  • Please bring a raw vegan dish that can serve 4 to 6 people.
  • Please bring a list of the ingredients to put along side your dish. This list can also include any info that describes the name of the dish & its ingredients. Fyi – I have name plates that hold a paper size of 5 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep. ….and have paper, too.
  • We encourage you to get creative, make your own, a favorite dish from your favorite raw cook book, or blogger, or other. Feel free to write the group for ideas.
  • Food guidelines/ingredients:
    • Vegan
    • Some processed foods are okay, yet keep them to a minimum – like canned coconut milk, maple syrup, brown sugars.
    • Agave-free is best.
    • No white sugar.
    • Seasonal, local, organic, sustainable, biodynamic, fair trade is best.
    • If you have questions, just send me an email, or post it on the groups message board.
  • If you are new to raw food -and want/need to keep it simple- you can bring fruits, cut veggies or a simple salad w/a raw dressing.


I will put out a ‘donation jar’ to help pay for the monthly MeetUp fee, this donation is optional and the amount you put in is totally up to you.


4:30pm: Arrival

4:45pm: Circle – Introductions (you/your dish)… welcome newcomers.

5:00pm: Eat, drink, be merry.

6:00pm: Circle – comments, sharing, kudos on the food and drinks.

6:30pm: Goodbye hugs



We’ll celebrate all the creations (both food and drink), and will give a special nod to:

  • the dish/drink that exceeds in flavor, texture and/or looks
  • the dish/drink that exceeds in creativity (feel free to bring props, b/c creativity includes flavor, the process and the presentation)
  • the person who stretched the most (we’ll give a bow to the one(s) who went waaay outside their comfort zone)
  • the most s i m p l e, yet tasty and creative dish/drink (this could be a single food item that came from your backyard)
  • the dish/drink that falls under the ‘difficult’ category (qualifiers for this category are too toooo many to name)
  • the dish/drink that falls under the ‘most outrageous’ category (qualifiers for this category are unknown to name)
  • the dish/drink that _______. I’m sure – at the table – we’ll come up with more special nods.



Joni Sare, SBR’s organizer, will host this event.
At the Lumina House, Cupertino, 95014
Phone number is 408-320-joni [5664]

JoniSare at gmail dot com

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