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Raw: Dehydrated Kale Chips #2

I served these Kale Chips at the Delicious Soul Retreat. Ya just can’t go wrong with cashews….

The batter:

  • 1 cup cashews (soaked, see Directions)
  • 1 red bell pepper, seeds removed
  • 2 tbls red miso
  • 2 tbls nutritional yeast


  1. Soak the cashews for at least an hour.
  2. Remove the stems of the kale leaves, wash and spin dry.
  3. Blend all batter ingredients until smooth (high-speed mixer gives you best results)
  4. Rub the batter on the kale leaves.
  5. Lay the leaves in single layer on dehydrator sheets.
  6. Dehydrate at 140 degrees for 1 hour.
  7. Lower the temperature to 120 degrees and dehydrate for 8 hours (over night).
  8. Some of the leaves may have to dry a bit longer.
  9. More details are in the captions, below each image….
The kale chips (on the RIGHT, in this picture), have a very light dry delicate crunch, which is a good combination with the other gluten-free crackers, the creamy pate, the wet crunch of the Black Spanish Radish, and the warm wet texture of the sauteed greens and purple cabbage dishes.
Remove the stems and wash the leaves. The stems can be battered and dried, too(!).
Dry the leaves well, so that the batter sticks.
These baby Purple Russian leaves are very tender, almost tender enough to eat raw.
I bought the baby Purple Russian leaves at "Heirloom Organics" booth at the Mountain View Farmer's Market.
Some of the kale leaves were quite a bit bigger than the rest, so I separated the largest leaves and put them on a tray (see upper left) and then spread the smaller leaves - pretty much in a single layer- on 2 other trays.
Before drying.


Before drying.
Before drying. In a single layer, yet very close to each other.
Before drying.
Before drying, and then see the same tray dried, in the next image.
This is the same tray, after they dried. They shrink. I ate some, not that many, tho. And, some moved around from the air blowing on'm.
Here is the tray with (15) large leaves before drying, and the next image is the same tray after they are dried.
Some curled over and/or moved from the force of the fan blowing on'm. I ate 3 of'm. YUM!
Dried. Notice that they shrink. And, notice that very little of the batter flakes off the leaves onto the tray.
Dried. You can see the batter, with a bit of the red bell pepper skins showing.
Dried. The cashew batter becomes crunchy and light, yet sticks to the leaves, very little will flake off.
Use the waterproof teflex sheets b/c there will be some flakiness.


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