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Raw: Almond cream cheese

Do you like the soured flavor of cheese, the pungent-ness of blue cheese? Then you’ll enjoy these two Raw recipes…. just using three ingredients.


  • 2 cup almonds, skins removed (see Tips: Removing almond skins)
  • 2 cups Kombucha or Rejuvelac (more, if needed, see Comments, below)
  • 2 tsp sea salt


  1. Remove the skins of the almonds (see Tips: Removing almond skins).
  2. Soak the almonds in the kombucha or rejuvelac for at least 8 hours.
  3. Cream the mixture, with the salt, in a high speed blender until smooth.


> I’ve noticed that the amount of liquid almonds absorb during an 8-hour soak varies …. why, you ask? … here’s what I think:

  • the size of the almond
  • how dry they are
  • the variety
  • the water
  • the temperature in the room

So — when blending… take notice if the mixture needs more liquid in order to become smooth and creamy. Signs to watch for are:

  • there is no liquid, or very little liquid, remaining after the 8-hour soak
  • the blender blade has a hard time spinning the mixture
  • the mixture reminds grainy, even after quite a bit of blending

> Why I soak the kernels after removing the skins:
Almonds reach their saturation point at about 8 hours, at this point the kernel is holding as much liquid as it can. The kernels will blend easier and be more creamy when they are saturated with liquid. (See my TIP post and Tweet on “emulsifying.”)

> Use Kombucha for sour flavor and use Rejuvelac for more of a blue cheese flavor.

> Elaina Love uses Rejuvelac instead of the Kombucha. I think the Rejuvalac gives a more pungent taste, similar to blue cheese, which is very good tasting, too.

Source:  Joni Sare, adapted from Elaina Love

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