Kale smoothie for kids

“You put the kale in, you put the kale out, you put the kale in and shake it all about, and then you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around, that’s what it’s all about!” Here’s a kid-friendly easy tasty green smoothie: kale, pear and coconut.

This smoothie, made by Randy, my housemate.

Try it… you’ll like it!

This is an easy green smoothie … and is a great way to introduce greens into kids’ (your) awareness, into the diet, into the mouth.

Ingredients & directions:

Blend well in a high-speed mixer (see blender info under TIPS post for “kitchen gadgets”)

1 Thai young coconut …both the juice and the meat  (see TIPS post for “how to select/open coconuts”)

1 Anjou pear

1 large leaf Dino kale (no stem to start with and then add the stem after you’ve had this a couple of times. …after your brain and palette is accustomed to the thought and taste.

Options, substitutes for pear:

– any type of pear should do

– 1 small sweet-tasting apple

– 1 handful berries

Substitutes for coconut:

– 1 banana (but the coconut has more minerals and you’ll miss the fat, which is used to balance the drink and make it satisfying and fulfilling)

– add 1 cup milk … nut milk, rice milk, oat milk … to boost the fat content, see note, above.

For a more adult exotic version…

… for a vitamin and mineral boost:

take a 1/2 cup of the mixture, add 1 tbls brewers yeast, mix well and dilute it with same amount of water, mix again. … yum!