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Proteolytic Probiotic raw class with Chef BeLive

Sorry to say, this event is cancelled.

a RAW proteolytic probiotic class, the day before the Wu Wei Dinner

Thursday, Sept 8th

6:30 – 8:30pm


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Independence yourself…

Learn how to create your own proteolytic probiotic foods, such as….

  • Almond Coconut Yogurt
  • Cashew Macadamia Cheese
  • Coconut Cashew Sour Cream

Brian Lucas, aka Chef BeLive, will celebrate ACTIVE food by showing us his tricks and tips to making our own cultured foods.


In this class Chef BeLive will share the details of why cultured foods are good for us and how to incorporate them into our lives.

He will share…

Why eat cultured foods

Reason #1 … more absorbable

When you culture nuts and seeds with proteolytic probiotic organisms, some wonderful healthful things happen:

  • the proteins are broken down into peptides (absorbable protein pieces) and free-form amino acids (single aminos),
  • some of the fats are broken down into free fatty acids,
  • and the carbohydrates are broken down into glucose and other absorbable sugars.

This means that the nuts and seeds become predigested.

Reason #2 … more protein, less carbs

In addition, the living proteolytic probiotic organisms lower the carbohydrate content and raise the protein content of the nuts and seeds by converting some of the carbohydrate into protein.

Reason #3 … better for your budget

Another great thing is, when you make these foods, listed above, the foods continue to be a living food, so – a teaspoon of the remaining culture will “start” the next batch. Use’m again and again for up to one month before you need to re-start with the fresh probiotic powder.


Reason #4 … having time with Chef BeLive

Well, this really isn’t an answer to the question of “why eat cultured foods” – but – it’s a darn good reason to come to this class.

You’ll not only go away with lots of information on cultured foods and the raw foods lifestyle, you’ll also be honored to be with Chef BeLive, who is known for being fun, quirky, lively, authentic and sharing his knowledge, tips and tricks.

He will share with us easy-to-do ways to incorporate cultured foods into our daily routines.

Reason #5 … they are a satisfying substitute for the real deal

Another great thing about these cultured foods is that their “creaminess factor” is high enough to satisfy cravings for dairy products.


Reason #6 … easy transition from SAD diet to healthy, sustainable living

This class will be a great resource for new people wanting to transition from a way of eating that isn’t working for them … to a raw diet with healthy, satisfying recipes and also for those of us who want to learn more about probiotics and incorporate them into our diet as we make our way on this raw-way path.


Class time…

Class begins at 6:30 p.m. and ends at 8:30 p.m.

Goodbye hugs will be at 9pm.


Class fee and payment options…

$30, prepaid, sign up through this link via PayPal (no paypal acct is necessary),


Sorry to say, this event is cancelled.


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