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Private cooking lesson: greens, quinoa and fish, the menu

I created these two meals for a couple in Pacifica, they will choose one, or both, to make while I stay with them during a weekend in July. I’ll be creating the other meals for our weekend together and will post the info, soon.

Here are their goals….

1. to minimize cooking time while maximizing nutrition

2. quick and healthy ways to cook/serve greens, veggies

3. the supporting actor: meat, fish

4. the third wheel: starches

… click here to read the details of each of these goals.

Meals to choose from….

(Note: In parenthesis are the cooking methods and techniques that are needed in order to produce the food item.)

Meal #1

Choose this menu to see one of the many ways in which to use leftover quinoa. Make a big pot of it and you’ll be able to utilize it in a variety of ways throughout the week… for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. This recipe is going-outside-the-box with making “quinoa jam” … we’ll make it spreadable and on-the-sweet-side with fresh peaches. This is a good way to support our local peach growers(!). This menu also highlights how easy it is to use lettuce leaves as a vehicle to put food into the mouth.

  • Romaine lettuce leaf stuffed with quinoa jam and feta cheese (steamed, stove top; blended, food processor)
  • Fish Provencal (baked, oven)
  • Raw kale salad w/purple cabbage, cilantro, lemon raspberry vinaigrette and roasted garlic (marinated, hand mixed, counter top)
This marinated Kale Salad had Mandarin oranges, carrots and toasted pumpkin seeds.

Meal #2

Choose this menu to see the versatility of collard greens. The beauty of this one is that – not only do you have all parts of the meal rolled into one – but also these wraps can easily be taken on the road, to the office, to the beach. Blanch’m ahead of time and you’re able to use’m as a vehicle for sweet or savory, meat or veggies, even fruit. I’ll share 3 ways to use pesto, to be able to create new dishes by using the ‘leftovers.’

  • Collard green wraps, shown below, with fish and quinoa pate, topped with smoked salt (blanched, steamed, food processor)
  • Broccoli slaw w/raisins, onions and toasted pecans (steamed, chopped, handmixed)
  • Creamy spinach pesto over baby greens (blender or food processor)


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