Private chef while you travel

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Joni offers a unique opportunity for you to enjoy meals specifically for your health needs while you travel. She will tag along with you for 3 days or 30 days.

A traveling therapeutic chef is for those who:

  • wants someone to cook for them while they are on the road.
  • are traveling to a destination and want to continue their own way of eating to maintain their vitality while away from home.
  • are taking a group of people on a retreat and need a chef to serve healthy, tasty meals.

Meal plans

will be created specifically for your needs, based on the foods and accommodations available in the area of travel.


Meals, menu planning, market/store trips, cooking, serving, storing.

Does not include food costs. Does not include travel expenses.

More info

Details here.

More info

Details here.

Cooking for you: A private personal therapeutic chef

I’ve incorporated principles from many professionals and from Raw to Paleolithic approaches.

As I’m cooking, I hold a strong image of the client (being whole and complete) putting intention and love into their food. And people notice.  They say they can ‘taste it.’

What I will do as your private chef:    (or join me in the kitchen and we will do these things together)

• Cook and package meals, designed specifically for you
• Prepare your menu plans
• Organize pantry/cupboards
• Organize the fridge/freezer