Plating Magic – finding your artistic flare

Food plating presentation is critical – it’s needed for the most simple meals …and your best-ever meals.

What makes a dish a work of art – something almost too beautiful to eat but still irresistibly appetizing? Come learn the secrets of plating from Chef Sacha (The Cook and the Drummer, Sage Catering, Grapevine Catering, Balboa – read more about Sacha, below). Discover the role that color, shape, texture and height play in creating a visual spectacle too ravishing to resist.

This is a class for chefs ​/home cooks ​who already know what it means to make great meals​ and want to make them look on the plate as wonderful as they taste to the palate. Learn what it means to add the sense of sight to taste and smell​–​ to produce dishes that are distinctively who you are​,​ and express both your cooking expertise and your esthetic sense.



Guest Chef: Sacha Kupelian

LOCATION: my home, Cupertino

FEE: $65 per person

Number of students: 6 minimum, and 10 maximum

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When it comes to cooking you want your food to not only taste amazing, but to look attractive as well. Plating is important to the human appetite, as sight partially stimulates it. There are many techniques used when it comes to plating and it takes an artistic edge to make a plate standout. We eat with our eyes as much as our other senses, and visual aesthetics of symmetry, color palette, …the food’s arrangement on the plate actively contribute to the pleasure of eating a dish. Forget the plating of thirds with veggies at 2 o’clock, main at 6 o’clock and starch at 10 o’clock.

1) Plating requires the balancing of multiple elements on a single plate:


  • flavor
  • color
  • texture
  • shape
  • complexity
  • symmetry and asymmetry
  • Layout (think of the plate like a clock face)
  • Focal point (generally the protein)
  • Geometry (balance of symmetrical and asymmetrical elements)
  • Color palette (including complementary colors)

2) Vibrant and contrasting colors naturally attract. Contrasting textures and flavors also help avoid tasting boredom. You want diners to anticipate every bite, and designing the plate in such a way that complementary textures and flavors enliven each bite ensures that element of surprise.


LOCATION: my home, Cupertino

FEE: $60 per person, $360 minimum

Register here:

Featuring guest chef: Sacha Kupelian


Chef Sacha is a dynamic, energetic, upbeat and highly creative chef who loves to bring his passion for good food and wine to everyone. Being a Bay Area native he’s eaten at a wide range of eateries. Upscale restaurants with white glove waiters and an excessive number of salad forks to your local neighborhood haunts. Sacha’s goal is to use the freshest products available, and to focus on the flavors of his ingredients. He works/has worked at: The Cook and the Drummer, Sage Catering, Grapevine Catering, Balboa. Sacha leads a lifestyle of Tae Kwon Do and creative cuisine. He believes in preparing fresh, tasty, nutritious meals without sacrificing flavor. His emphasis is to provide delicious cuisine in a wide range of styles that include French, Italian, Pan Asian, and Middle Eastern. He believes that meals need to be prepared the right way, from scratch, using preservative-free, all natural ingredients and humanely raised livestock resulting in being the best for your health, tasting, as well as sustainability. When he isn’t in the kitchen or in the dojo he can be found at your local farmers markets and Sonoma wineries.


Here are images of my food plating, they are OKAY, I want better, so that’s why I want to host this class.