Hello, it’s April 5th and for the time being, I can not conduct cooking classes, so I am now available to cook for you.

Before Covid19, I was teaching cooking classes and about 20-30 people / week would come to my home, for nearly 4 years. My 3 most popular classes were: Paella, Pasta and Pad Thai.

In 2005-2007, I did nutrition and culinary training at “Bauman College Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts.” For 10 years, I focused on catering, personal chef and a few cooking classes. With a focus on nutritious, sustainable eating. Over time, I realized that cooking alone in someone else’s kitchen was not for me and that I very much enjoyed teaching, so that’s been my focus since early 2017.

However, here I am alone in my home and without an income, so I am reaching out to you and offering to cook for you because –well– we need each other.

We are a good match if you like:

• Homestyle cooking: simple, unpretentious, comforts of home.
• Robust and complex flavors, a little heavy on the herbs and garlic (but that can be adjusted).
• Minimal oil (I use the blend of Avocado, Safflower and Coconut oils because it has a higher smoke point. I also use refined coconut oil –this has the coconut flavor removed)
• Veggies to be al dente (except for bell peppers and onions, they will be soft).


Packages to choose from: (stop back in a day or so to see more packages)