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Paleo Buffalo Lamb Mini Loafs

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I made these Mini Meatloafs wrapped in bacon for last night’s Dialog Dinner. The featured guest, Steve Fowkes, nutrition expert, requested a Paleolithic Meal. I was inspired by this months FINE COOKING magazine with its “Create your own meatloaf” article. I posted this recipe on their site, so please make your comments here and on the Fine Cooking site. I LOVE this magazine – it has great ideas, great photos, great graphics. My recipe is gluten free and dairy free (no bread crumbs, no milk – to keep with the Paleo theme). Click here for the SPEED COOKING version.

The result of this loaf recipe is closer to a burger, if you want a more loaf-y result add two eggs or 1 tbsp ground flax soaked in 3 tbls water for 15 minutes.

Here are the ingredients and directions:   (this is the ‘long version’ – see above for the Speed Cooking link)

Dice 3 yellow onions and saute in pork fat for 3 hours. (I'll post an article about rendering pork fat another time.)
Here are the onions sauteing in pork fat. Stir occasionally.
We had one vegan at the table, so in a separate pan I sauteed a 1/2 cup of onions in coconut oil. (I'll post a recipe for the "Vegan Nut Loafs wrapped in Collard Greens.")
After 3 hours, add 2 tbls dried sage and 2 tbls dried rosemary to the onions. While adding the herbs rub'm between your fingers in a grinding motion to break them into small bits - having some small and some large pieces. Cook for 3 minutes more, stirring often. Enjoy the aromatherapy. Remove from heat and allow to cool. BTW - I picked the sage from a friend's backyard garden - thank you, Tony(!) - then dried the leaves in the dehydrator.

Once the onions are on the stove (cooking for 3 hours) – clean and thinly slice 1 lb of mushrooms (I used Cremini Mushrooms, baby Portabella Mushrooms). Dry them in a dehydrator or oven. I dehydrated the mushrooms for 2 hours at 140 degrees. Alternatively, dry roast’m in the oven at 200 degrees for an hour or so, flipping them over midway. See TIPS on how to clean mushrooms (will post another time).
Chop the dried mushrooms into small pieces (not shown). Mix them with a blend of 3 tbls tamari and 1 tsp onion powder. The Tamari is just a bit-of-a-stretch from a true Paleo ingredient, alternatively I could have used salt. I think the mushrooms have sooo much more of a punch by first drying them out and then re-hydrating them with flavorings. Set aside, allowing to marinate while the onion mixture is cooling.
Once the onion mixture is cool, mix well with the marinated mushrooms in large mixing bowl. Then add the ground meat and mix together. Be careful to not over mix. TIP: too much handling of raw ground meat creates a tough/chewy product. Divide the mixture into 14 servings.
Form the meat mixture into one-serving loafs and wrap with bacon.
Bake the mini loafs at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, then turn on the broiler to crisp the bacon, cook for 5 minutes or so until bacon is cooked to your desired crispiness.

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