Frozen food items, good for packaging in ziptop baggies

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Cooking classes skill building Competency with improvisational cooking is desired by all. Replacing effort with skill is the theme for my classes, such as: knife skills, flavor building, and the science and chemistry of cooking. Decision making slows us down and causes stress, so people avoid it and end up staying away from the kitchen. […]

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  Subscribe, be the first to know × Subscribe to Joni Sare’s newsletter * indicates required field Email Address * First Name*  Last Name*    Powered by MailChimp     Book your private cooking party here for 3 or more people. Join me, a personal trainer for your kitchen, for your cooking party: create a […]

Group Cooking Parties

Group cooking parties Team building events Request a Group Experience × Send Request Select your menu, the date and pay here. TYPES OF EVENTS 3-hour team-building cooking party, everyone in the kitchen, then sit down to eat the meal you all just made. 2-hours, with appetizers Mystery Basket Challenge with teams of 3-5 people, no […]

Caterer for small events


I will travel down the block, around the Bay Area and to most corners of the world. Below are sample menus and types of catering services that I will provide for you. The menu and presentation is designed specifically for the clients’ intention for the gathering and for their dietary needs, cultural needs, etc. Through […]

Skill-building Cooking Classes

Customized 2-hour skill-building cooking classes for 1 or 2 people Request a Cooking Class × Request a Cooking Class 1 or 2 people, 2 hours: $250 for 1 class $400 for 2 classes Plus food cost   These classes are customized to your goals: to learn specific skills, and to cook a specific diet, a […]

Caterer for small events

925-381-8498 cell/text messages 408-320-JONI [5664] local Google Voice# Cupertino, Walnut Creek SF Bay Area, California Shop Amazon for kitchen gear My style, my training: Natural and healthy Simple and adventurous Improvisational (cooking without recipes) Cooking with color, texture, shapes, size and flavors My focus is on: Unrefined, minimally processed foods Organic, biodynamic, sustainable foods […]

About Joni, her journey

Joni’s journey Joni became a Therapeutic Chef to help others make the necessary nutritional changes to provide for a healthy future for themselves, their families and their communities. She believes once individuals benefit from self-nurturing and healthful nourishment, they are then capable of sharing those benefits with others, which will holistically benefit everyone. Joni’s goal […]

Venus Transit viewing, with PALEO dinner

5 June, Tuesday

Women’s retreat, Hawaii

20 – 25 May