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online cooking class.

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Pad See Ew online cooking class 800-3
Pad See Ew online cooking class 800

I use 2 cameras:
1) the laptop on my right elevated on shelves that captures my face and so that I can see your screens in order to give guidance and comments on what's happening in your skillet.

2) the iphone on my left is on a tripod and faces downward so that you can see my food and skillet.


I put a floor lamp next to my computer for better lighting. Everything I need is at arm's reach. A poster board blocks unwanted light coming from the window.

Pad See Ew online cooking class - Linda

Image taken of a fabulous-looking meal by one of the students.

Toss in broccolini leaves at the end just before serving as their thin leaves will wilt quickly with the heat of the noodles.

Broccoli-on a tray drying in the fridge

Tip: wash and dry the broccoli before cooking. Best to dry the broccoli so that the wetness doesn't splatter when it hits the hot oil.

To dry the broccoli: put on baking tray in single layer uncovered in the fridge for at least 1 hour. The fridge acts like a giant dehydrator and will remove the wetness.

I use the same technique with strawberries before dipping in chocolate because the surface of the berry needs to be dry for the melty chocolate to stick.

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