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“Owning your power as a female leader” event at Stillheart

Here is a photo gallery of an event I catered at Stillheart Retreat Center (see workshop description at the bottom of this post). I only wish I could have also participated in the program — Phyllis and Laurie were fabulous to work with, and everyone had such glowing faces throughout the day — nourished by the workshop and the food.

The Breakfast Bar:

Toast w/basil butter or almond butter

Chai tea or coffee concentrate to be mixed with hot or cold water

Carrot juice or tea

Yogurt bar w/nuts, seeds, fruit


The Yogurt Bar:

Blended strawberries (no sugar)

Sliced bananas

Hemp seeds

Mixed nuts and raisins

The Bread Bar:

Whole grain, and Gluten-free bread

Basil mixed with butter, above.

Almond butter mixed with apricot and applesauce, below.

Frittata muffins w/eggs, ricotta, veggies, bread cubes

Above — front, from left: one vegan frittata (with vegan cheese, no egg)

and two egg frittatas w/no bread (gluten free)

And the second row is egg frittatas with cheese, veggies and bread cubes

In the kitchen, setting up the Antipasto:

Vegan Caprese Salad, stacked

w/relaxed kale salad on the side

and toasted pecans

Vegan Caprese Salad: fennel, pear, tomato,
w/cauliflower pesto

Relaxed Kale Salad w/seaweed, lemon, olive oil and sea salt

The stacked Caprese Salad required steak knives.

The main entree:

Lentils, Quinoa and Mung Beans

w/Vegan Alfredo Sauce

Side dish:

Roasted carrots and beets

w/candied orange peel and ginger

(sugar free, using tamarind paste)

A sweet, sour, salty to finish the meal:

Marinated Honeydew Melon w/Basil

(marinated with Umeboshi Vinegar, a salty sour vinegar)

The Snack Bar:

Baked Figs w/dark chocolate, drunken goat cheese, candied orange and ginger.

Served with flax crackers and trail mix.

Click here for the Baked fig recipe

Flax crackers:

w/tomatoes, carrots, parsley and basil

Owning your power as a female leader

Co-facilitated by Phyllis Brock and Laurie Coehn this program you will experience the excitement in knowing you can create and sustain great teams, where people want to contribute and make a difference. Gain tremendous insights and skills to breakthrough to a new level of leadership. Own your power and authenticity as a female leader revitalizing your team to produce exceptional results.Pre-Workshop Call

· Each participant will have an individualized call with an executive coach to review current challenges and desired outcomes for the workshop.
Workshop Overview

· Through a series of effective exercises, you will gain insight into the unseen barriers that are currently limiting and likely exhausting you as a leader.

· Understand and apply innovative tools for breaking through those barriers.

· Design an exciting vision that would make a significant difference in your power as a leader.

· Develop actionable steps to achieve the vision.

· Establish a strong network of women leaders.Gain access to a new level of leadership, where you can lead powerfully with confidence and skillfully execute on commitments with greater ease.Cost and Registration:

Special introductory rate for Stillheart is just $195 before August 30, and $250 after. This includes a light continental breakfast and lunch. Note that this workshop is usually $950 per participant.For further information please contact Phyllis Brock at 408-203-3651 or

For registration please go to


8am-9am     Breakfast and Networking

9am-9:30     Introduction to Stillheart and your facilitators

9:30-12:30    Program

12:30-1:30     Lunch

1:30 to 5:30  Program

There will be an afternoon break for anyone to rest or take a tour of Stillheart.NOTE: Rooms are available at Stillheart Monday October 10th, and Tuesday October 11th if you’d like to schedule a personal retreat around this workshop.

Program Cost: $250

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