Joni Sare, cooking instructor

Menu ideas for individuals, the family and groups

Here is a list of foods I’ve made in the past. These are meat-based meal ideas for you, your family, your group (for 1 –or 40 people).

Greek dinner:

  • Rotisserie Lamb
  • Lemon egg soup
  • Soured beets

Asian dinner:

Thai dinner:

American, hearty one-dish meal:

  • Quinoa Chicken Sausage Stew w/veggies, herbs and candied citrus peel

Spanish dinner:

  • Shrimp Paella
  • Roasted olives and fennel
  • Thyme and cheesy cauliflower

French dinner:

  • Fish en papillote
  • Basil and garlic creamed potatoes
  • Braised red cabbage and tomatoes w/truffle oil

Italian dinner:

California spa:

  • Butternut Squash Mushroom Soup
  • Warmed spinach salad w/seared Ahi tuna

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