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Melon Milk: soooo refreshing, soooo satisfying

It’s been a loooong time since I drank cow’s milk. Growing up we drank 2%, and the consistency of the milk I made tonight (MELON MILK) brought me right back to when I was 3-feet tall, no, I’d say 4-feet tall and downing glass after glass after school. I would reach for milk much more often than any other sweet drink, like pop or kool-aid (in Minnesota we say ‘pop’ instead of ‘soda’).

Now I’ve had coconut milk in many ways, in many combinations, yet this combination really hit a home run for me.

Even tho melon is quite sweet, I’m categorizing this drink under ‘slow carb’ because the ratio of coconut milk to melon brings down the glycemic index.

Melon Milk

a not-so-likely substitution for cow’s milk

Coconut milk, honey dew melon and …

you’ll have to wait for the crowning ingredient.

I’ll definitely put this in my soon-to-be released cook’s handbook on the many uses of Coconut.

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