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Medjool dates: I just became a more savvy shopper

I just became a more savvy consumer/buyer of medjool dates….

Medjool dates has become my food choice as a refined-sugar alternative in recipes. I recently bought a box of’m at Trader Joe’s and noticed the word “Fancy” on the label, it piqued my interest.

So, I did a bit of research online and found this site:

The site explains each grade, and some history….

“….The date itself is probably man’s oldest cultivated fruit. Ancient writings depict date palms growing in Egypt in the fifth century B.C. Medjools were once the most prized dates in the whole Mediterranean area. Moors carried Medjool dates to Spain and they were especially prized there by Moorish royalty. Then for centuries…”

Now I know they come in various “grades”:


I guess I’m not too surprised b/c I’ve always noticed differences in the size and plumpness, yet hadn’t realized that there are specific grades attached to these differences.

And(!) different prices. So, I will be more savvy when comparing prices.

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