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Invest in your future with affordable, convenient, private cooking classes.

My Fit, Fast, and Easy Healthy Cook- ing courses gives you the choice of individual or small group lessons and different packages that are sure to fit your pocket book and your schedule. I can guarantee that in no time at all, by shopping and cooking efficiently, you’ll save enough to make back the cost of your initial investment. Not to mention all the potential medical bills you’ll save. You’ll be getting skills that you’ll use for your entire life.

Master basic life skills

Get ready to make magic in your kitchen! Be on your way to learning how to cook everything.

In easy-to-learn steps, you’ll master how to:

Ready to fall in love with whole foods, healthy meals, and your new healthy body and healthy life?

Then call me for your free 15-minute consultation at 925-381-8498, or fill in the request form here, or just send an email to I can usually get back to you within a day.

I’m also available for cooking parties where you and your guests can have fun trying out healthy, new recipes together. And if you’re interested in team building, mastering the art of fit and fast cooking is a great way to bond and enhance communication and other interpersonal skills.