Lunch and Learn, version #2

homemade protein bars

Homemade protein bars.

At the end of this demo employees will know:

  • Why protein bars are a good snack
  • How and why to choose nuts, dried fruits, protein powders
  • The health benefits of nuts, fruit, powders, flavors
  • How to make protein-rich bars and avoid making a fruit bar
  • How to sustain energy
  • Healthy symptoms of sustained energy, metabolism
  • The symptoms of low energy, low metabolism

Here are the details:

11:00: Arrive, unload

11:20: Set up demo:

  • I will bring: food processor, extension cord, ingredients, a few gadgets, towels, things I’ll need for the demo.
  • You will bring: prints of the recipes, flip chart, sharpie.

11:55: Set up complete

12:00: Employees arrive, introductions

I’ll introduce the snack and bring attention to the image on the flip chart: the anatomy of a protein bar.

12:10: Introduce the demo, the ingredients, the process, gadgets. 

  • I will lead a discussion on what they do now, is it healthy, and why or why not
  • I will share the dos and don’ts of snacking, and the effects on the body and mind.
  • I will share stories with information on how to create healthy habits, and ideas for transitions.

12:20: Dissection a protein bar

Will write down ideas from the employees on the flip chart (Nuts/seeds, Fruit, Powders, Flavors). Here are the categories with a couple of ideas in parenthesis.

  • Nuts, seeds (cashews, sunflower seeds)
  • Fruits (dried figs, blueberries, dates)
  • Powders (whey, egg white, greens, hemp)
  • Flavors (spices, extracts)

12:20: Blend ingredients in the food processor. 

Will give short list of nutritional benefits of the ingredients. A person from the group will write on the flip chart –will capture the nutrition words as I talk about each food, such as….

  • Nuts/seeds: macronutrients, the fat, protein, carbs, contains matrix for a complete plant
  • Fruit: phytonutrients, fiber, intestinal brooming, GI health, removes cholesterol.
  • Powders: protein, collagen, greens, talk about vegan, raw, whey choices.
  • Flavors: carminative, adaptogenic, minimal amounts yet have big impact.

homemade protein bars

homemade protein bars
12:30: Blend and share the finished protein bar.

Will talk about other ways to use the same ingredients (crusts for pies, granola, toppings for crisps, puddings, vegan cheesecakes).

12:40: Will ask again what they think is a good snack and why

  • Will lead discussion based on what they now know of a healthy snack.
  • I will talk about the ease of bringing these on the road, trail, bike, for kids.
  • Will also talk about biochemistry, health and nutrition (diabetes, cancer, weight issues, metabolism, etc).

12:50: Q and A. … open to any cooking, health, nutrition question.

1pm: Goodbyes, individual QandA

1:15: clean up, pack up

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