Lunch and Learn, version #1

Lunch and learn cooking demo, knife skills

Lunch and learn cooking demo, knife skills

This is a cooking-show style demo, will be suited for a site with limited space, and for those who have an hour lunch break.

  • Themes to choose from, can choose several:
    • Eating for health
    • Cooking with greens
    • Budgeting food, time, space
    • The fastest way to cook just about anything
    • How to store produce
    • Bulk/batch cooking
    • Gluten-free eating
    • Dairy-free eating
    • Fun with flavors
    • Demystifying cooking
    • Paleo, Ancestral diet
    • Vegetarian, vegan diet
    • Raw food diet
    • Knife skills
  • I will feature a specific cooking method, a few gadgets, various flavors, and talk about resources, health gurus, cooking shows.

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