Joni Sare, cooking instructor

Lecture at The Reference Point

Eating for Health: What is it like to

Eat for Health vs Eating for Pleasure and Energy

Presentation by Therapeutic Chef Joni Sare

Friday February 24th at 6pm


The Reference Point

43334 Bryant St. #10.

Fremont, CA. 94539

(510) 498- 8730


Join us, for an exciting interactive lecture by the wonderful Joni Sare about the difference
between healthy eating and eating for pleasure. Most often, people put their attention to
upholding responsibilities to others. What would it be like to switch gears, to put that same fullthrottle attention to ourselves? Joni will share, teach, and guide you through the differences
between eating for health and how eating for pleasure, eating for energy, eating for recovery and
eating for health are learned behaviors. She will cover Raw Food, Vegetarian and
Paleolithic/Caveman diets.
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Discussion will include:
• Eating for health is taking care of yourself
• Eating for health is anti-aging
• Eating for health is ethical practices put into motion
• Eating for health starts with you and ends with a world-wide ripple affect
From this talk you’ll have an understanding of how to eat for health, and how your diet and
lifestyle fits into the Eating for Health approach.

Joni Sare, NE, Chef – specializes in natural therapeutic cooking using
sustainable, clean, minimally processed foods to produce inspirational
meals (raw, vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, paleolithic foods). Joni is a
certified Nutrition Educator and Natural Chef, providing private and
group catering services, and cooking instruction, kitchen makeovers
and meal plans to enable people to make the best meal ever, everyday
based on their own health needs. Joni also hosts private Dinner
Parties at homes around the Bay Area with a featured guest at the head
of the table who facilitates the conversation. The featured guest is an
expert in a specific topic, such as: health, consciousness, exercise, environment,
entrepreneuring. Through conversations like this people share interests and shift happens.

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