Joni Sare, cooking instructor

An Italian Cooking Class Adventure

Tiramisu &

Pasta from scratch


A Cooking Class for Those Who Love ItalIan Food

Let's explore Italy together
while cooking an Italian meal.

An Italian cooking class
designed to impress with imported cheese,
homemade pasta, ragu and a boozy Tiramisu.


to "Bel Paese" — a beautiful country.
Italian's nickname is aptly choosen.

Go on an Italian adventure with me as I transport you to this beautiful country through all your senses with flavors and aromas, the sounds of the pasta machine and stories.

The menu: a 3-course Italian Cooking Class



Taleggio cheese, mozzarella cheese, salami, truffle oil, truffle salt, and pepper jam.​​


Entreé choices:

  • Pasta & Ragu
  • Pappardelle w/truffle oil and mushrooms
  • Polenta Concia with Chicken Piccata​


My version is on the boozy side --but that's optional, just let me know what you'd like. Gluten free available.


Italian Sangria

Add a fruit salad -- I mean a Sangria 😉 and I will provide the fruit and flavors for an Italian version.

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5 Tips for Authentic Italian Cooking

Use the freshest, ripest produce.

Imported San Marzanos canned tomatoes is the best, their flavor is superior to all other canned tomatoes.

Add just enough, no need to overpower the dish. Few dishes are intended to be garlicky or winey.

Most all savory dishes start with sautéd onions and or garlic, and sometimes carrots, celery or bell peppers. They are chopped small so that they basically melt when cooked —and they are rarely cooked until browned.

Don’t overcook the soffrito nor cook it at high heat. Add the salt as you go, 

Northern Italy has more dairy than the South, and the geography and climate has governed Italy’s cuisine —still to this day. Butter, cream, corn, and fresh pasta are found in Northern recipes. In Central and Southern Italy is more use of olive oil, grains, chili and tomato-based dishes.

specific types of cheese 

Italian Cooking Classes

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