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Inconsequential Ridiculosities Dialog Dinner

A Must-Attend:
Inconsequential Ridiculosities Dialog Dinner

7:11pm – 11:11pm

11th minute notice!!! — I decided to host a fun’n festive Dialog Dinner on the 11th of November.

That’s 11-11-11.

It’ll run late, at least until 11:11.11pm.
Goodbye hugs can be at 11-11-11;11:11.11+111 (no splitting of microseconds)…  🙂

Unless you are willing to do dishes, then you are welcome to stay a bit longer.
[I have a cooking class here the next morning.]

We’ll eat food, talk, and get silly.  (get?)
Bring an inconsequential ridiculosity to share.
(sorry, I couldn’t find anybody qualified to be at the head of the table, but will be happy to hear your nominations)

The menu will be paleo (vegetarian, vegan or raw are options, let me know, sooner than later is best)

Cost will be $30.

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