Joni Sare, cooking instructor

I don’t know where this goes, the entree

Announcing the third course (the main course) to 44 people at the Eucalyptus Magazine RAW dinner at Stillheart Institute, Woodside.

“I don’t know where this goes”

….is a sign, on a basket, in a preschool room. It’s a designated temporary place for kids, and parents, to put something that they don’t know where it belongs. I heard about this basket recently during a Sunday morning message at the spiritual center I attend.

I have this now, in the kitchen here at Stillheart – a designated place (a big tub) for my servers and chefs to put things that they don’t know where else to put it.

Perhaps you, too, have a place – a drawer, a closet, a room – a place to put something that just doesn’t have a home.

We apply this to emotions, thoughts, an experience… something that we just don’t know where it’ll go, or that we want to hang on to…. yet doesn’t fit into the normal sceme of things… we put right into a memory holding tank, a place where we come back to it from time to time, revisit it, work out the kinks. Reminds of the movie “Inception” with Leonardo DiCaprio, one of my top 20 fav movies, where he visits his wife while dreaming, the memories with her are on various floors that he accesses via an elevator.

All this came to mind when I was thinking of our “Main Course” …. you may not know where this goes – the soft crepes w/sweet and sour sauce, the soft tortilla wrap w/savory walnut pate…and the crunch of the beet greens and beet stems.. It will take you various directions, in memories, thoughts, emotions.

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